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  • Webdesign

    Webdesign Unleash the full potential of your online presence with a professional web design that attracts attention and inspires customers! As an experienced web designer,…


  • Power BI

    Power BI Experience the transformative power of data with my world-class Power BI Consultant service! As an experienced consultant, I’m ready to turn your business…


  • ITSM

    ITSM Optimise your business processes and increase efficiency with our first-class ITSM consultant service! As an experienced consultant, I am ready to develop customised IT…


  • Company

    Welcome to Haeberling, your reliable partner for IT excellence and digital innovation!

    In an increasingly digitalised world, my mission is to support companies of all sizes on their path to excellence. Under the Haeberling umbrella, expertise and commitment come together to create customised IT solutions that give your company a decisive competitive edge.

    However, Haeberling not only focuses on the technology, but also on the partnership with you. Their visions and needs are the starting point for a close collaboration in which we jointly develop innovative solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.

    Your success is our shared mission. Welcome to Haeberling – your trusted partner for IT excellence and digital innovation! Let’s shape the future together. Contact me today to find out how Haeberling can transform your journey into the digital world.

  • About me

    As an experienced ITSM specialist with a degree in business engineering, I have been shaping the future in a wide variety of companies since 1999.

    With in-depth expertise in IT service management (ITSM), I ensure smooth processes, increased efficiency and cost optimisation. As a proven Power BI expert, I transform data into meaningful insights that form the basis for well-founded decisions.

    My expertise as an outstanding web designer has already won over clients in Scotland and Switzerland. Every website I design is a unique masterpiece – from customised layouts to user-friendly navigation.

    Put your trust in my many years of experience and my commitment to excellence. Let’s shape the digital future of your company together. Contact me today and discover how innovation and efficiency can be harmonised!